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The Croix Blanche : Carp fishing Lakes in France

Croix Blanche Lake

Sunset over Croix Blanche Lake

The Croix Blanche lakes are mature carp fishing lakes in France, just north of Reims covering around 17 acres in total, set in a domain of over 30 acres. The venue is just 2 hours 30 minutes from Calais and only 100 kilometres from the Belgian border. Excavated in the late 1970s, the complex consists of 2 beautifully matured & established carp fishing lakes, renowned for their big fish, plus one 1 acre stock lake:

CROIX BLANCHE LAKE – 6 Acres – 7 Swims – Maximum of 5 anglers
TORTUE LAKE – 8 Acres – 8 Swims – Maximum of 5 anglers
• STOCK LAKE – 1 Acre (No fishing allowed)

Exclusive rental is available on both lakes

The banks, while quite steep, are grassy with trees around most of the margins. Weed presence can fluctuate from year to year, but it’s not a problem. There are no obvious underwater obstacles or snags. The water itself is crystal clear with a bluish tint characteristic of sandpits and water levels fluctuate throughout the year with the change in water table.

The number of pegs as been kept to a minimum on our carp fishing lakes: the Croix Blanche has seven, with eight pitches on the Tortue. Most of these pegs are cut back into the bank to provide comfortable pitches. Access to the pegs is excellent with a track around the whole property, and access to most of the pegs is possible by car.
The property is entirely closed with a secure fence around the whole perimeter.

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