Croix Blanche Lake

French Carp Fishing Venue

A view from Peg 3 across the Croix Blanche Lake

A view from Peg 3 across the Croix Blanche Lake

The Croix Blanche lake at this northern French carp fishing venue is the first lake you come to on arrival at the fishery. It comprises of 7 swims and is the closest to the facilities and accommodation. There is a maximum of 5 anglers at any one time (six are allowed for an exclusive lake booking).
Custom build pegs have been constructed for each swim, providing dug outs and steps to the water to accommodate the varying water levels at the various times of the year, and each swim has plenty of room to install bivvies and rods.

The lake has been stocked regularly since I have owned the venue, the latest stocking having taken place in June 2010, when 50 carp were introduced ranging from 18lb to 26lb. This takes the stock to between 150 & 200 carp, the largest in 2013 being a 59lb mirror. The lake also saw a 46lb common banked.

Drawing of the Croix BlancheLake

Drawing of the Croix Blanche Lake

The average size now being in the mid to upper twenties, with a number of thirties & forties also present. Aside from the large carp the lake also has a good head of catfish, that range from doubles to over 100lb.

Average depth in the summer is around 4 to 6 feet with deeper holes at the top end and in front of peg 2. There is a fair amount of weed in the central part of the lake, which is often a place the fish use as a holding area. The best tactic is usually to present a bait in the holes in the weed or close to the far margins.

There is a track all the way around the perimeter that gives access by car to all swims.

Looking out across peg 4 at susnet

Looking out across peg 4 at sunset

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