Tortue Lake


View across the Tortue lake from peg 15

Fishing in France on the Tortue lake takes place in the larger of the two waters which is situated at the far end of the complex. It is marginally larger than the Croix lake at around 8 acres.. It consists of eight numbered swims from 8 to 15. Again the swims have been constructed to provide as comfortable fishing as is possible in accordance with the varying water levels during the year.

The swims on the central causeway between the two lakes, No’s: 8, 13 ,14 & 15 are mostly dugouts, where as the swims on the river bank are stepped and often under water in the early Spring.
The main feature on the venue is the central plateau, that has an average depth of 2-3 feet and is at castable distance from most pegs.

The far end of the venue, in front of pegs 12 & 13 is deeper averaging 9-12 feet as are the margins in front of all swims. There is a fair amount of weed on the shallower bars in the centre of the lake, with large holes that can easily be fished.

Drawing of Tortue Lake

Drawing of Tortue Lake

The track gives access by car to the causeway swims at all times, but is trickier on the far margin where swims are better reached on foot.

The lake has been stocked with similar quantities of fish over the years to the Croix Lake, but growth rates seem to be marginally better. The lake was once home of the famous “Hippo” who topped the scales at over 76lb. The current lake record is a mirror of 55lb. The average is excellent at over 30lb with numerous 40’s & 50’s including a fabulous two-tone common at 53lb.

One of the top attractions of the lake is its large catfish that go to well over 100lb, the average being in the 50’s. These awesome predators can offer a serious test to both angler and tackle.

Bivvied up on Peg 8

Bivvied up on Peg 8

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