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Video Tour of the Lakes
A few weeks ago, on one of the few sunny days we have had this year, I grabbed my video camera and I did a brief walk-around of the venue,to show people the lay out of the venue, what the swims look like, and to give a brief description of the good fishing spots.

Reflections on the Water
Retrospective at Croix Blanche Lakes in Northern France. A short film shot in August 2016, where Mark Gray & myself talk about the venue since I first acquired it back in 1999 & changes we have seen.
I was fortunate enough to capture a few nice fish on camera and shoot some lovely aerial and lake views to show what the lakes look like.

Here is a short clip to welcome the Spring time to the lakes here in northern France. The leaves are opening, the blossom is on the trees and the birds are singing. The whole domain is coming alive after its winter hibernation…..

The idea for this short started when one of our regular anglers Hans Van Der Hoeven shot some drone footage over the venue. He gave me the sequences that I cut together with some of my own shots to make a short video.

The Croix Blanche Seasons
Over the last three or four years I have filmed the lakes and some of the fish during all of the seasons of the year. I thought is would be nice to put a clip together showing these changing seasons and some of the varied fish that populate the waters of these lakes.

Croix Blanche Summer 2011
Here is a Croix Blanche video clip shot during the summer of 2011. Andy Lear and his friends join me in the video.

Croix Blanche Catfish
A short clip shot in June 2010 showing the tactics for catching catfish at the Croix Blanche venue in northern France. Top cat angler Ron Woodward goes through the best techniques to tempt these top predators.


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